‘Eating Dinner by Myself..’- Andre Agassi’s Ex-wife Brooke Shields Reveals How Mother’s Alcohol Struggle Shaped Her Childhood

American tennis legend Andre Agassi was one of the best players in the 90s, along with the likes of Pete Sampras and John McEnroe. In 2001, the former world number one married German tennis great Steffi Graf, one of the best tennis players of all time. Notably, it was Agassi’s second marriage. The former world number one had a two-year-long marriage with Hollywood actress Brooke Shields before separating in 1999.

One of the major reasons Shields claims for their split was loneliness and lack of spending time with each other. In a recent podcast, the actress also revealed a similar issue she faced in her childhood because of her mother. Here’s what she said.

Brooke Shields on having a lonely childhood
In a podcast, Agassi’s ex-wife revealed she was a lonely child and the reason behind it was her mother. “I think what made me lonely was my mother’s alcoholism. When I think about it because I like being alone a lot, I savor it. Eating dinner by myself in a restaurant I don’t have that problem but I think because I always had someone of my age with me to sort of commiserate with, I didn’t feel like I was the little kid in the sea of adults who wanted something,” she said.

Shields and Agassi were married from 1997 to 1999. Agassi had become addicted to drugs and had indifferent form on tour during this period. In his autobiography ‘Open’, he even admitted to lying about his drug use to the ATP. Later, after his divorce, Agassi started dating Steffi Graf.


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