Does Tiger Woods’ Daughter Play Golf? Everything You Need to Know About the Golfer’s Eldest, Sam Alexis

Although Charlie Woods has taken up the path of his dad Tiger Woods to become a successful golfer, Sam Alexis hasn’t. Unlike her younger brother, she was never inclined towards golf, rather she had an affinity with soccer. And Tiger Woods being the amazing dad that he is supports his daughter and attends all the events she plays in. But that doesn’t mean that he didn’t try bringing Sam into golf.

He made her hold a club at a very young age when she could barely use it. Sam was only six years old when she first attended a tournament the legendary golfer played in. Growing up, she cheered for her father in many events and also caddied for her brother. In fact, Sam’s name holds a very interesting story behind its significance to the Woods family.

The Secret Behind Sam Alexis’ Name
She was born a day after Tiger Woods clinched his victory at the 2007 US Open. She was also Tiger’s first child with his’ ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, before the couple declared their divorce in 2010. In an interview after Alexis’ birth, Woods explained why he chose that name. He said that he wanted a name that would share the family heritage of both Tiger and Elin.

The golf legend also talked about how his father, Earl Woods, preferred calling him Sam. Thus, he passed down the name to his daughter. Tiger reminisces the initial days after his beloved daughter was born; those late nights spent with the angel.

Alexis joined her father not only in his tournaments but also at his induction ceremony into the Hall of Fame 2022. She became emotional while explaining how her father survived a car accident and came out a fighter. Although Woods’ marriage didn’t survive, his bond with his children became deeper with time.

Last year, Sam Alexis attended the PNC Championship to cheer for her brother and father, but she hasn’t made an appearance yet in the 2023 PNC Championship Pro-Am. At Orlando, team Woods teed off at 9 a.m. ET and now the team is looking forward to Saturday’s round. Will they be able to grab a win? Only time will tell.


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