Why Did Tiger Woods Fire Mike ‘Fluff’ Cowan? The Ugly Player-Caddie Breakup Explored

Does the name Mike Cowan ring a bell? No? What about ‘Fluff’? If the first visual in your mind is the caddie with the famed walrus mustache holding out his cigarette to check the wind for Tiger Woods, you are right as rain. Mike ‘Fluff’ Cowan left Peter Jacobsen to caddie for Woods in his professional debut in 1996. They would go on to rake in seven titles, including Woods’ thumping 12-shot victory at the Masters, before splitting up.

Cowan, who turns 76 today, enjoyed his shot at glory and financial prosperity with Woods. In fact, the veteran looper had his own endorsement contract, which was almost unthinkable considering caddies were still working in the shadows of their employer at that time. So, when they split up, it was rather shocking because Woods once described him as the “best caddie in the world.”

Tiger Woods was not happy with Mike Cowan’s comments

Reportedly, Woods had a fallout with the former caddie. Rather than any on-course disagreements, it stemmed from an off-the-court interview that the bagman gave to a leading American Publication. Apparently, Woods was not happy with Cowan revealing their financial agreement.

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The first sign of trouble was visible in the Nissan Open, where Woods had a verbal altercation with the veteran, as per reports. Eventually, 23-year-old Woods picked his friend to caddie for him in the next two events. Asked about Cowan’s future appearance at that time, he curtly responded, “I don’t know. probably.”


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