Paris Fury’s £500k third engagement ring is a ‘powerful declaration’ by Tyson

There was already lots of interest in childhood sweethearts Tyson and Paris Fury’s love story, but the boxing star’s third proposal to his wife in the Netflix show At Home with the Furys has only escalated the matter.

In fact, Google searches for ‘Paris Fury ring’ have increased by 1,827 per cent since Tyson was filmed popping the question in France. He presented the mother-of-six with a yellow diamond flanked by trapezoid white diamonds, which Neil Dutta, Managing Director at Angelic Diamonds, said cost in the region of £500k.

Discussing its special meaning, he added that the ring could symbolise happiness and optimism, as well as a “powerful declaration by Tyson.”

“Opting for a yellow diamond, especially a 7-carat fancy yellow radiant centre diamond, is a bold and significant choice. Yellow diamonds are renowned for their rarity and unique allure, symbolising happiness and optimism,” Neil said, before noting that it coordinates perfectly with Tyson’s own ring.

“The choice of a yellow diamond to match his own ring is a profound symbol of Tyson’s love for Paris. Their desires and aspirations may not always align, with Paris hoping for Tyson’s retirement to be permanent. Nevertheless, the ring’s selection is a powerful declaration by Tyson that he perceives their lives as intricately intertwined, regardless of what the future may hold,” he added.

“In terms of value, at around £500,000, ($631,000),” the engagement ring specialist said.

According to Neil, Tyson’s three separate proposals have marked meaningful milestones in their relationship – in this case, his retirement from boxing, despite his brief return to the ring.

The couple – who tied the knot in 2008 – were at dinner when a cheesecake arrived with the proposal message written in chocolate before presenting Paris with the sparkly new rock.


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