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Paige Spiranac rival shows off extravagant golf attire and says she’s good enough to eat.

PAIGE SPIRANAC has seen numerous rivals to her crown as the number one golf stunner pop up recently.

The latest of the bunch, Grace Charis, is step ahead of the rest, already boasting a large following on social media.

Grace Charis stunned in a low-cut top

She captioned her post: “Good enough to eat”

Grace has shot to fame and boasts a large social media following

She revealed she has only been golfing for two years

Grace also runs an OnlyFans page
The Californian has already garnered an Instagram follower count of over 960,000.

But this pales in comparison to her 2.8million followers on TikTok, with an added gig as an OnlyFans star.

However, it was her snap and claim on Instagram which drew the attention of fans.

Grace shared a picture wearing a low-cut top paired with a golf-themed hat and skirt.

She captioned her post: “Good enough to eat


Fans were clearly impressed, with the post receiving 118,000 likes in one day.

One fan commented: “

. Wish I could meet you in person. These pics do no justice.”

Another said: “Cannibalism

,” with a third replying: “definitely.”

A fourth added: “Award Winning!”

Grace revealed she had been golfing for two years when responding to a fan on her TikTok page.

Paige Spiranac is the No1 golf influencer

But Grace is appearing to be hot on her tails


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