Eugenie Bouchard’s eight-year first in birthday photo with twin sister

Eugenie Bouchard has celebrated her birthday with twin sister Beatrice for the first time in eight years. The Canadian tennis player took to social media recently to share some happy snaps with her sister as they marked their 29th birthdays together.


Remarkably, Bouchard revealed it was the first time since they were 21 that the twins have been together on their birthday to celebrate. In 2021, Beatrice opened up on her fractured relationship with Eugenie, saying her twin sister was “almost a stranger” to her.


The sisters grew apart at age 10 when their parents split up. Eugenie stayed with their mother Julie, while Beatrice lived with father Michel.

Two years ago, Beatrice claimed she barely spoke to Eugenie anymore and didn’t really know her. “It’s very funny. I know someone in the grocery store better than my twin sister,” she admitted.




“We are definitely not a simple, happy, perfect family. Even anything but that. Our parents got divorced, they weren’t happy with each other.



“Genie was with my mother for most of her life from then on. Myself, our siblings Charlotte and William with my father. So we grew up separately.”


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