‘Don’t have a name’: Twin sister’s brutal claim about Genie Bouchard

Beatrice Bouchard has lifted the lid on life living in the shadow of her twin sister – tennis star Eugenie.

While Eugenie Bouchard is a household name around the world for her tennis exploits and social media stardom, twin sister Beatrice is making a name of her own.



While nothing compared to her sister’s 2.1 million fans, Beatrice has an impressive Instagram following of 365,000.

But the 26-year-old has spoken out about her twin in a rare interview, expressing her frustrations that people only know her as ‘Eugenie’s sister’.




“(I) have always been compared to my twin sister my whole life, and that is heavy, let me tell you, it’s heavy,” she said according to Essentially Sports.

“People come up to me (and say), ‘oh, you’re the sister! Oh hi, are you the sister of…? Can I take a picture with you? What’s your name? You’re the sister, right, but what’s your name?’”



Beatrice, who is actually slightly older than Eugenie, said she’s been living in her sister’s shadow for over 20 years.

“So just picture that for like, 20 years. You don’t even feel like your own person. I’m just the sister,” she said.

“I joke about it like, ‘oh yeah, I’m the sister, Nice to meet you. I don’t have a name. I’m the sister.’




“I’m just orbiting around my sister, I’m not my own. I’m six minutes older, I was born first. She’s my sister.”

The elder twin admitted that the constant labelling as Eugenie’s sister has affected her.

“I know it’s not meant in a malicious (sense), it’s not meant in a bad way,” she added.

“But that definitely affects my confidence. I’m just always, ‘oh my god, can someone say something different for once?’”


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