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Tennis fans support to Andy Murray after teary Brit misses funeral to play Davis Cup

Tennis fans took to social media and voiced their support for Andy Murray after the British star missed his grandmother’s funeral to play in the Davis Cup on Friday. The three-time Grand Slam winner beat Leandro Riedi in a singles match before giving a teary interview.



“Today is a tough day for me, it’s actually my…,” Murray said before he then stopped to hold his chest as he tried to compose himself. Fans reacted by applauding as the Scottish star looked down at the court.



He then added: “It’s my gran’s funeral today…” Murray again paused and a shout from the crowd of ‘We love you Andy,’ was heard and further applause. The tennis star apologised to the interviewer before adding: “I’m sorry to my family that I’m not able to be there, Gran that one was for you.” Clearly upset, Murray then returned to his chair.



Fans were quick to show their support for the tennis star on social media with @ronniegourley commenting: “Just when you think @andy_murray couldn’t be a more impressive and admirable person – not to mention being the ultimate competitor – he does this.” Showing similar support was Moira Bayne who added: “I could not admire this man more. An absolutely wonderful sports legend and human being. RIP Andy’s gran.”


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