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Serious Health Challenge: Simon Cowell’s lean physique explained after addressing ‘ill’ health

Simon Cowell was keen to put the record straight regarding his ill health recently after the pop music mogul was absent from taping for the upcoming new series of Britain’s Got Talent.

The Syco boss took to Instagram and clarified that despite reports saying he was suffering from a “mystery illness”, he had in fact suffered from a migraine due to the bright studio lights which meant he missed two auditions.

Simon added: “Next week we are filming BGT in Manchester – I look forward to seeing you then,” so it’s clear the 64-year-old is, thankfully, feeling more himself.

He also explained this is the reason he’s often seen with his rather funky orange-tinted glasses.

It seems that after suffering other health woes in recent times, such as a back injury in 2020, the father-in-one is in better shape than ever.

According to PEOPLE, Simon has been focusing on his health after his previous bike accident and has been using the celeb-loved workout reformer Pilates to strengthen his back and include regular walking and other low-impact workouts in his daily routine to prioritise his fitness.

Other A-list names such as Jennifer Aniston, Harry Styles and Kate Hudson are all big fans of Pilates, so it’s no wonder that Simon has incorporated it into his routine. But why is it so effective?

HELLO! spoke to celebrity personal trainer, Scott Harrison, who revealed that Pilates – and other similar low-impact exercises – are fantastic for improving posture, strength and flexibility.

“Pilates is an awesome fitness system and focuses heavily on strengthening the core muscles and then from that centre of gravity, extending to the full body. This helps improve your overall stability and posture and is a great investment in your future.”


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