TRUE CHAMP I’m a body language expert – the secret signs Paris Fury is really the boss in her marriage to champion boxer Tyson

THE DUO are seen as a power couple in the celebrity world – from raising their six children, to supporting each other through their professional careers.

Paris and Tyson Fury first met around 16 years ago through mutual friends when Paris was just 15.

Tyson soon became a household name as a champion boxer but despite the pressures of fame, the pair are as strong as ever.

While he might stand at 6ft 9ins and Paris at 5ft 8ins, The Sun’s body language expert, Judi James reveals to Fabulous that it’s definitely Paris who’s in charge of the muscle man.

Judi says: “On the one hand, we have the man-mountain of a boxer whose facial expressions and gestures suggest some levels of shyness might lie underneath that tough, alpha male exterior.

“His more petite wife Paris tends to look more dominant and confident beneath all the external glamour.”

Stroke of luck
After being crowned the world champion, Tyson swept in for an affectionate scene with his wife.

Judi says: “The forehead kiss from Tyson is totally romantic and prompted a closed-eye smile of pride from Paris.”

At their daughter, Athena’s, christening the pair seem just as smitten as they did when they first met.

Judi observes: “Tyson is caught looking down at his wife as though he can barely believe his luck.

“The rather gentle hand on her arm hints at a very caring, almost old-fashioned expression of affection, while her hand on his bicep is a way of flattering his physical strength and power.”


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