Victoria Beckham & 15-Year-Old Cruz Are Twinning in New Photo — And Even David Beckham Is Shocked

In addition to her chic clothing line and iconic stint as a Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham is perhaps best known for her sly smize — you know, the not-quite-smile she displays in almost every photo. But the mom of four does smile, which she documented in a throwback selfie her 15-year-old son Cruz shared on Instagram.

In the photo, snapped by VB herself, the mother-son duo are seen showing off matching white bathrobes and grinned for the camera. There’s no telling when the photo was taken, but based on the horizontal camera orientation of the iPhone Beckham is holding, the image is at least several years old. The other telltale sign of age: Cruz has had a massive growth spurt since then.

The second-youngest son of Victoria and David Beckham wasn’t the only one to poke fun at her photogenic trick. As Cosmo points out, the former soccer star himself hopped into the comments with a joke. “How white are mum’s teeth?” he asked, likening her teeth-whitening job to the episode of Friends where Ross’s bleaching treatment goes a few shades too far.

The playful Instagram is nothing but love. The family regularly shares adorable throwback images of one another from all ages, which is perhaps one of the perks of constantly being followed by paparazzi. A few days ago, 17-year-old Romeo Beckham shared a throwback photo in which he and their mom are ostensibly cheering David on during a soccer match (check out that adorable jersey!) When Cruz shared a similar throwback image with a nearly-identical caption, Romeo hopped into the replies.


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