Victoria Beckham reveals husband David has never seen her ‘without her brows on’

Victoria Beckham has revealed that husband David has never seen her “without her brows on” during their entire relationship.

The star, 49, who married the former footballer, 47, in 1999, made the revelation during a bare-faced beauty tutorial.

In a video on Instagram, the fashion designer started demonstrating her make-up routine by revealing that years of “over-plucking” had left her “self-conscious”.

She said: “This is the first time I have ever let anyone see me without my brows on. Even my own husband never sees me without my brows on.”

The former Spice Girl, who was wearing a white dressing gown, added: “It’s just my thing, it’s something I’m almost quite self-conscious about.

“Over-plucking has left me with quite gappy brows if you can see, a few missing either side.

“Like I said, too much plucking has really left me quite self-conscious about my brows to be completely honest.

“I want you to see how gappy my brows really are, I have so many missing hairs. I have nothing on these brows at the moment, but you can see how much I have to fill them in and level them out.”

She then demonstrated how she uses the BabyBlade pencil from her Victoria Beckham Beauty collection to fill out her brows.


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