‘Not Our Job’: With LIV Golf Still Suffering, Phil Mickelson Attacks the PGA Tour With a Powerful Jibe

Ever since the LIV Golf League came into existence, Phil Mickelson has been the loudest supporter of the venture. In fact, some would say that the golfer has been promoting the Saudi tour to an even greater extent than Greg Norman himself. But his love towards LIV golf has now reached a level where he is on his toes to defend it against everyone’s opinions. And a similar thing happened when a famous retired golfer cum CBS commentator put forward a sensible concern on Twitter. And of course, Lefty stepped forward to respond!

Phil Mickelson attempts to defend LIV Golf over the OWGR situation
Greg Norman has been doing everything he can to avail the best opportunities and facilities for his players on LIV Golf. However, despite all his efforts, the golf ‘shark’ has been unable to get access to OWGR points for his golfers. And notably, it has been highly affecting the positions of these players on the OWGR leaderboard, resulting in a huge fall on the list for all of them.

But no matter how disappointing the situation is for these professionals, it was not surprising for anyone. After all, the fact that LIV Golf didn’t meet the criteria to attain ranking points was always transparent in front of all the defectors. But there are some who believe otherwise and feel that the OWGR system is being allegedly unfair towards these players. Moreover, according to Phil Mickelson, they’re not even doing “THEIR job” correctly!


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