‘This Is My Getaway’: Hours After His Major Announcement, $75 Million Worth DJ Khaled Proves His Love With a Unique Approach

DJ Khaled is one of the most talented music producers in the US. The American artist is known by fans all over the world, and he thoroughly enjoys performing live for his admirers in every country. But it was quite surprising for his fans to see DJ Khaled falling in love with the gentleman’s sport. And a recent video shared by Golf Digest has made his passion for the game more evident than ever!

DJ Khaled puts his golfing skills to test
Khaled is currently one of the most excited people on the planet when it comes to golf. And we say this because the golfer hasn’t left the headlines for days ever since he posted his first picture from the course on Instagram. However, keeping his golf interests in mind, Golf Digest decided to do something epic. And believe it or not, DJ Khaled could have wished for nothing more!

Golf Digest recently shot a video with music sensation and tried to catch some of his golden words while he played some really beautiful shots. The clip featured the 47-year-old on the course playing a round alongside Hally Leadbetter. And how could the video begin without his signature “Let’s Go Golfing” remark? The two were involved in a 3-hole match at Miami Beach Golf Club while Khaled explained how much he loved the sport.

“I love golf,” he said. “Golf is like life. It’s not easy, but it’s beautiful.” He added how he wanted to grow old playing golf and added, “This is my getaway. This is where I get a chance to play with the queens and my brotherhood and my sisters and just have fun.” Well, one thing that you could simply take from the video was that Khaled extremely loves the game of golf. Not to forget, he also recently announced his third game against one of America’s richest businessmen!

How do Khaled’s fans react to his love for golf?
Despite being a passionate and, well, talented golfer, Khaled comes across as someone who loves “showing off” as per his fans. And therefore, no matter how good he gets in the sport, fans keep nudging him for his extravagant lifestyle and preferences on and off the course. At the same time, others consider him an extremely humble human being and appreciate his ability to spread positive energy around himself at all times!


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