Murray sends 16-year-old Andreeva to get “eyes fixed” after calling him “beautiful”

The surprising 16-year-old Mirra Andreeva, who recently reached the 1/8 finals of the Madrid Open, got a cheeky comment from ATP superstar Andy Murray after the British heard she called him beautiful. “When you’re here & take a lunch with all these stars, you see Andy Murray… you see his face.

& he’s so beautiful in life. He is so amazing,” Andreeva said during an interview for Tennis Channel. Murray retweeted the part of the interview that so far has reached almost one million people and joked: “Imagine how good she’s going to be when she gets her eyes fixed.”

Unfortunately for Andreeva, she won’t be seeing Murray any more in Madrid as Andy was eliminated in the first round by Italian Andrea Vavassori.

Yet, Murray is hopeful about the upcoming big tournaments. “I also have ambitions of, you know, competing for Wimbledon titles and that sort of stuff, and I know that sitting here today that probably doesn’t sound realistic, but I do believe that that’s a possibility.

I obviously want to do the right thing there. The experiences I have had when I have won Wimbledon has been in 2013 when I didn’t play the French Open and won, and 2016 I had my best French Open and won Wimbledon. It didn’t have an impact necessarily.

It’s impossible to say what the right thing to do is, but obviously it’s a Grand Slam. I would like the opportunity to play,” Murray said as quoted in a recent article.


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