For Scottie Scheffler, Playing Golf Means ‘Taking Punishment’; Hilarious Candid, Weeks After Police Issues Explored

It is time for Scottie Scheffler to celebrate the fifth victory of the year after the police shenanigans are over. The 11-time PGA Tour winner won the 2024 Memorial Tournament after shooting 8 under 280, which came as he struggled to put forth 2 over 74 in the Sunday round. Over the three days, Scheffler had a solid hold on his game.

However, starting the final 18 holes, the world no. 1 was having a hard time keeping his lead on. The 27-year-old made only one birdie on Sunday with two bogeys in the front nine. Scheffler, after playing an ordinary last round, found that the Memorial Tournament was a fun test and revealed that playing golf is not for weak hearts.

Scottie Scheffler says every golfer has some loose screws!

At the press conference after his Memorial victory, Scottie Scheffler was asked if the event was a fun test or a stressful one. The world no. 1 smilingly put forth his thoughts on the game of golf in general and replied, “I think playing golf for a living, you’re kind of just a weird person in general, kind of just taking punishment constantly,” as fun and stress become a norm of a pro’s life.

Additionally, Scheffler added to his opinion that a normal person would not deliberately choose a profession like golf. The 27-year-old “We all got a few screws loose to play this game professionally” because the battles do not stop with one event. Professional golfers are usually playing week-in and week-out, which Scheffler described as the fun part of the game.

Despite being a stressful victory, the Dallas resident expressed that he would look back at the Memorial win with fondness and remember it for the better part. Amidst all, Scheffler remembered to appreciate his opponent of the week, Collin Morikawa, who shot a better final-round score of 1 under 71. He appreciatively said, “Collin was playing some really good golf… He was a tough man to beat, for sure.”

Despite the hurdles of the opponent and the wind at Muirfield, Scheffler sailed through and raked up his silverware stack. This victory though might be special than others as Scheffler did something that has not been done in the last 44 years, not even by legendary Tiger Woods.

It was Scottie Scheffler’s first victory after becoming a father! The 27-year-old celebrated the 11th PGA Tour win with his wife Meredith as he took their son, Bennett Scheffler, in his arms to cradle him up. It made it more special than any other victory for Scheffler. What it also did was match the 44-year-old record set by Tom Watson in 1980.


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