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Andy Murray makes ‘stressful’ and ‘unpleasant’ admission before Canadian Open second round

Andy Murray has admitted that he finds the build-up to matches to be “stressful” and “unpleasant”. The former world number one, who is currently ranked 68th in the world, made the admission ahead of his second round match at the Canadian Open against Alexander Bublik.

Murray said that he finds the process of preparing for matches to be “mentally draining” and that he often feels “anxious” and “nervous”. He also said that he finds it difficult to relax and enjoy himself in the lead-up to matches.

“I find the build-up to matches to be quite stressful and unpleasant,” Murray said. “It’s mentally draining. I often feel anxious and nervous. It’s hard to relax and enjoy myself.”

Murray’s comments are a stark contrast to the way he used to approach matches when he was at the top of his game. As a young player, Murray was known for his calm and collected demeanour on the court. He rarely showed any signs of nerves or anxiety, and he always seemed to be in control of his emotions.

However, Murray’s attitude towards matches has changed in recent years. He has admitted that he has struggled to deal with the pressure of being a professional tennis player, and that he has found it difficult to cope with the expectations of others.

Murray’s comments are a reminder that even the best tennis players in the world can struggle with the mental side of the game. It is important for players to find ways to manage their stress and anxiety, and to find ways to relax and enjoy themselves in the lead-up to matches.

It will be interesting to see how Murray fares in the rest of the Canadian Open. If he can manage his stress and anxiety, he could be a dark horse to win the tournament. However, if he allows his nerves to get the better of him, he could be in for a difficult time.


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