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Andy Murray clashes with polarising politician Nigel Farage

Andy Murray and Nigel Farage clashed on social media in January 2023, after Farage visited Novak Djokovic’s family in Serbia during the tennis star’s visa row with Australia.

Farage, the former leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), posted a video on Twitter of himself meeting Djokovic’s brother Djordje in the tennis star’s trophy room. He captioned the video: “In the trophy room with Novak’s brother Djordje.”

Murray, a three-time Grand Slam winner, responded to Farage’s tweet, writing: “Please record the awkward moment when you tell them you’ve spent most of your career campaigning to have people from Eastern Europe deported.”

Farage hit back, accusing Murray of being “filled with prejudice” and advising him to “crack a smile.”

The exchange between Murray and Farage highlighted the deep divisions in British society over the issue of immigration. Farage is a vocal critic of immigration, while Murray has spoken out in support of immigrants.

The clash between Murray and Farage also drew attention to the Djokovic visa row, which had been dominating headlines in Australia and around the world. Djokovic had been denied entry to Australia after he failed to provide proof that he had been vaccinated against COVID-19.

He appealed the decision and was eventually allowed to stay in the country, but the saga had cast a shadow over the Australian Open.

The exchange between Murray and Farage was a reminder that even sports stars can find themselves caught up in the political fray. It also showed that social media can be a powerful tool for amplifying political messages, both positive and negative.


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