Aryna Sabalenka looks stunning in her new outfit

Aryna Sabalenka is the queen of the Australian Open. The very strong Belarusian tennis player won her first Grand Slam in Melbounre, beating Elena Rybakina in the final in three hard-fought sets. But Aryna is also a social media star, especially Instagram, where she shares photos showing amazing and very bold outfits.

In one of her recent Instagram Stories, Aryna shared a pic of her in Australia, wearing a phenomenal outfit. She was wearing a white top with a very plunging neckline, and a skirt open on both sides, which showed off two crazy slits.

The photo was captioned: “Do you like Australia? Aussie’s love you!” Here’s the picture:

The triumph in Melbourne
The Belarusian tennis player beat Elena Rybakina in comeback and she won the Australian Open 2023, the first Grand Slam tournament of this season.

Aryna, beaming after the success, spoke at the press conference and released the following statements: “This is all crazy, I don’t know, it’s really hard to explain what I’m feeling. I’m so happy and proud, this is the best day of my life.

Let’s say it started well and I was a bit nervous in the last game. I kept telling myself to work and never give up, until at the last point. It was a very difficult challenge, I’m really happy above all that I finally managed to manage all the emotions.

It’s nicer when you see such difficult challenges, it’s also more fun and I feel I always have to face challenges like that to better understand myself, I need to fight. After losing so many of these decisive challenges I can now be a totally different Aryna.

Rybakina? We played a great match, perhaps the best of the tournament. I liked this battle, I’m happy it wasn’t too simple, congratulations to her too who played a great match. A lot of things have changed after today, before people asked me for autographs but I was really nobody, in tennis you have to win Grand Slams.

Now this has changed the way I feel, and after this victory I respect myself more. I understand that I’m here because I work during and I think I’m a good player. I just have to learn to manage emotions, especially on the pitch.

I think everyone in my country is proud of me too, maybe I’ll have a big party at home. How will I celebrate? I think pizza, sweets and maybe some champagne. After the first set I was nervous then things gradually improved. I’m happy with all of this.” Photo Credits: Aryna Sabalenka Instagram Account


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