‘Golf Is So F****ng Back’: Excitement Elevates at the PGA Championship After Thrilling Brooks Koepka, Bryson DeChambeau News

Even before it began, the PGA Championship had the fans at the edge of their seats, anticipating the big game. After all, it is one of the biggest golf tournaments with the winner taking home a prize money of $2,700,000 out of the $15 million purse. And the PGA Tour has given the fans another rewarding experience worth their time. Assembled for the third round of the PGA Championship on Saturday are enemies turned friends Bryson Dechambeau and Brooks Koepka. Fans get to see them together at 2.30 PM at the third-round pairing at Oak Hills.

Koepka will definitely be looking forward to making up at the PGA Championship for his recent defeat at Augusta, and trying his best to compensate for the $3.24 million loss. The LIV golfer hasn’t fared that well until now at the championship but chances are high that he can turn the table any minute. Meanwhile, luck seems to be with DeChambeau as he is at T4 at the competition even though frost has delayed the first round. Bryson was one of the earliest players to move to LIV which he called a business decision influenced by financial factors.

Following their infamous feud, DeChambeau in a podcast interview last year had some nice words to say about Koepka: “Personally, I have the utmost respect for him, and the decision he made moving to LIV…I think we both respect each other a lot more now.” Speaking on the matter Koepka also said earlier this year, “Believe it or not we squashed it. We’re good. I actually talk to him quite frequently because of what’s going on here at LIV. Pretty much on an every-other-day basis. We’ve got a good open line of communication, we’ve figured it all out and we’re good.”


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