Serena Williams shares glimpse inside luxurious bedroom with daughter Olympia

Serena Williams has a jaw-dropping property portfolio, built perfectly to suit her needs as well those of her family, husband Alexis Ohanian and daughter Olympia.

The tennis star shared a glimpse inside her stunning bedroom as she and Olympia got into a playdate showcasing her sense of plush style.

A clip she shared on her Instagram Stories showed it off, featuring furniture in pastel tones, a full-sized mirror she used to film, plus floor-to-ceiling french windows with a view of greenery outside.

She panned over to the four-year-old, sitting on a small table that had a few place settings already set up in front of a full bathroom behind them and a couch.

“Alright, now it’s dinnertime and a date with a lady in our bedroom,” Serena said. “Because we are jet-lagged and tired.”

Her daughter took it to another level, adding fake names to the bracket, saying that her name was “Shanice,” to Serena’s amusement, quipping: “Alright, we’re going with fake names now.”

The athlete recently returned from a packed few days in London, where she played in Wimbledon, unfortunately getting knocked out of the tournament early.

However, no one has been a companion to her quite like Olympia, who even posed for an adorable set of photographs with her mom recently.

The two were seen enjoying a high tea together, with Serena sharing a video of the spread that had been laid out, including crumpets, biscuits, and even cucumber sandwiches.

But the most heartwarming part of the video was another clip in which Olympia showed her mom her full support, chanting “Serena!” while in their car.

“@olympiaohanian loves her afternoon tea and cheering for mama. #PinkiesUp,” Serena captioned the memories from their day out.


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