Tiger Woods latest girlfriend wants to accuse him of sexual abuse: Here’s why she can’t

Tiger Woods seems to be getting into moore trouble with women as his latest girlfriend is trying to take him to court. The reason could lead to a very nasty lawsuit that may even get the golf legend in prison. Woods has an infamous record of cheating on multiple women, meaning he probably has issues with an acute sex addiction.



After his most recent scandals, Tiger Woods was advised by his lawyers to ask any woman he dates to sign a non-disclosure agreement. This prevents any woman to reveal any details about their relationship with Tiger Woods of they have one. It doesn’t matter if the relationship is physical or also emotional, Woods decided to make any woman sign it.

Erica Herman had been Tiger Woods’ significant other over the past six years but that has apparently changed over the last few months. She appeared on numerous events with the golfing legend and they seemed happy together. According to TMZ, all that changed this week after Herman spoke to a judge. She wants to annul that NDA Tiger Woods made her sign on a deeply troubling basis. According to Herman, she can cancel this NDA if there is evidence of sexual assault or sexual harassment. This means Erica Herman wants to formally accuse Tiger of this crime. If this happens and the NDA is canceled, Woods can get himself into a lot of trouble.


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