Tiger Woods added one more case to his long and flawed dating history with women

When the Tiger Woods sex scandal broke, the entire world finally got to know the actions that led the golfing legend to this situation. His damage to all the women who accused him of being a womanizer has led them to speak up against Woods in many different settings. Erica Herman is just the latest case of how Tiger Woods can treat a woman like garbage without fearing any type of repercussion.



Woods learned to cover his tracks quickly after the first woman he disappointed with his behavior. He is now making them sign non-disclosure agreements in front of his lawyers, that completely protects him from any type of slandering in public.

Should any of these women start speaking against Tiger Woods in any fashion, they instantly become liable and he will have an easy time suing them. Former mistress Rachel Uchitel was also forced to sign an NDA back in 2009, which was right at the peak of Woods’ fame.




The way Woods treats women as if they had no meaning originates from his very first college sweetheart, her name is Dina Gravell-Parr. Woods didn’t have the courage to break up with her in person, he sent her a letter where he shows just how cold be can be against women. It’s hard to understand how he can still be appealing to anybody simply by looking at his history with women.


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