‘She Threatened Again..’- Legendary Sisters Battle Refuses To Cease As 42-Year-Old Venus Williams Reveals Serena Williams’ Annoying Moves at Her Home

Venus and Serena Williams, like any other sibling pair, have their unique methods to annoy each other. Claiming the stuff of your sibling as your own might not always be taken in jest by many, but that is exactly what has happened for years with the Williams sisters. Fans got to witness their shenanigans in a recent TikTok from Serena where she accused Venus of stealing several items from her home: from towels with her initials to a reformer. Now, this humorous back-and-forth has moved to a whole new level, as Venus bashed her sister’s accusations.

It appears that the seven-time Grand Slam champion isn’t accepting her sister’s allegation and wants justice on her part.

Venus and Serena Williams’ theft accusation banter takes a new turn

Serena recently addressed her sister’s theft of goods from her on social media. The list hilariously included some gym equipment and even a dog. The 23-time Grand Slam champion was seen repeatedly pleading for justice for what her sister had done to her in that video. However, the roles have now been reversed, and the eldest Williams sister is fed up with her sister’s peculiar behavior.

Venus Williams re-shared an Instagram story in which she figuratively forbade her sister from entering her home. She also wrote about her sister’s actions in relation to the strange accusations that she hadn’t finished. Venus wrote, “She is not sorry guys. She threatened again today.”


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