Simona Halep treats herself with luxury car on 1st birthday after divorce

Simona Halep got a new luxury car on her 31st birthday, but it’s unclear whether she bought it or got it as a gift from the brand. Halep got a Z4 BMW painted in San Francisco color.
“With great joy today we celebrate the birthday of our champion Simona Halep.

It is a real honor for the Automobile Bavaria team to be with you today and wish you a happy birthday with health, happiness, and many victories! Thank you for choosing to be part of the family,” BMW said on Instagram on Halep’s birthday.

“An irresistible two-door sports car, embodying everything a roadster should be. An irresistible two-door sports car, embodying everything a roadster should be,” BMW describes the car on their official website. Halep thanked BMW for the car in one of her Instagram Stories.

“In love,” Halep described her experience with the car before getting it home. Simona Halep also treated herself often with a guilty pleasure in the days after her divorce. Read more about it in this article: Simona Halep indulges with guilty pleasure after divorce.

Halep recently removed her post-surgery bandage
A few days before her birthday, Halep posted the first pictures with her nose after she removed the post-surgery bandage. After several days in which she had to wear a bandage in the area where she underwent the nose surgery, Simona posted the first pics without the bandage on social media.

“Sunny day – happy day,” Halep captioned the photos. See the photos in this article: Simona Halep reveals nose after removing surgery bandage. WTA world number 4 Paula Badosa thanked Simona Halep for having the courage to share with the world that she had nose surgery.

“Such an honest and transparent letter from Simona Halep. Thank you for sharing these thoughts and helping other people through your own experience. Speedy recovery Simona,” Paula Badosa wrote on Instagram.


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