With a Major Championship Beckoning, LPGA Sensation Nelly Korda Suffers a Bitter Moment

Even the best golfers on the planet have bad days on the course. But it seems like the famous Korda sisters are having an equally terrible day outside the ropes. Despite the distance between the adoring siblings, the two posted their own sets of troubles on social media. But who was left in a more dreadful situation?

Nelly Korda’s bad day at work
The younger one of the Korda sisters made a revelation of her misfortune on social media recently. The 24-year-old disclosed that she missed her flight due to a confusion around its timings, but that wasn’t the last of it.

“Missed my flight today bc I thought it left at noon not 11,” she wrote on her story accompanying a selfie. “Left my place without my keys too! LFG!!! Day of firsts,” she further added to her misfortunes.

Though she didn’t reveal the destination or purpose of her missed flight, the former World No.1 certainly looked displeased. But while Nelly had a bad day, her sister didn’t fare any better either.


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