‘So Many Frustrations and Complications’: Multiple Reasons Emerge Behind Tiger Woods’ $30M Breakup With Erica Herman Astonishing Insider Report

All has not been well for Tiger Woods in recent weeks. The legendary golfer had to withdraw from the ongoing Masters before the end of the third round. While his professional life may have faced misfortune at Augusta National, his personal life was struck with a lightning bolt when he was sued for $30 million by his ex-girlfriend nearly a month ago. But why did Tiger and Erica Herman break up in the first place?

Woods began dating Herman in 2017. The two met at the golfer’s restaurant in Florida which was managed by Erica. The couple made their first public appearance during Tiger’s participation in the 2017 Presidents Cup. While the beginning of their relationship must have been joyful with Team USA’s win, the relationship ended uncivilly.

Though Woods has millions of followers globally, he didn’t reveal why he separated from his girlfriend of five years. The golf world was abruptly provided with the news of Herman suing Tiger for $30 million. Nonetheless, a source close to Tiger’s ex-girlfriend disclosed the reason for the couple’s bitter breakup.

According to the insider, Herman “was more serious about a long-term commitment” than Woods was. Moreover, the source also revealed to the People that Woods’ ex-girlfriend “was there for him throughout the whole thing so she thinks that kind of loyalty is worth something”.


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