25 Years After Picking a Golf Club, Jessica Korda Makes Honest Confession About a Lingering Struggle

Jessica Korda, the eldest among the Korda siblings, has gained considerable recognition since she turned professional over ten years ago. Having secured six victories on the LPGA Tour, the 30-year-old has garnered a significant following. Recently, Jessica Korda shared one very valuable life lesson with her fans.



Jessica Korda suggests going back to fundamentals
At the tender age of 8, Jessica Korda made her debut in the golfing arena, thanks to her parents vital contribution to her development as a golfer.



As members of a sports-oriented family, Jessica’s parents were quick to identify her potential and proceeded to offer her top-notch coaching and accompany her to various global tournaments. By supporting her and recognizing her skills, they fostered a nurturing and competitive atmosphere that enabled her to refine her skills.



On her recent Instagram story, Korda posted a picture of her hand with the caption that said, “ I’m 30, I’ve had a club in my hand for 25 years..I still struggle with my grip. Don’t ever think you’re too good to work on fundamentals”.

Despite being a pro golfer, Jessica Korda confessed about her lingering struggle and gave fans an honest insight into her life. She was honest about how sometimes even after being a golfer for 25 years, she still sometimes is not able to get a good grip on her club. This message will definitely encourage Korda fans out there to never stop practicing.

The story is definitely a valuable life lesson for everyone. Her story goes to show that one should indeed never think that they are perfect and should never stop working to brush up on their skills.

Jessica’s recent performance at DIO Implant LA Open
Korda tied for 18th position at the Dio Implant LA Open. She tied at number 18 along with 6 other players. Her final score was -5. She went ahead and scored 18 birdies, 11 bogeys, and 1 double bogey throughout the tournament. The purse won by the elder of Korda’s sister is $19,438. The younger of the Korda sister duo, Nelly Korda was at position 5.


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