“Suffering sleeplessly” – Swiatek reveals struggles after US Open win

Iga Swiatek has had an amazing year, a year where she won two grand slam trophies including the 2022 US Open.

The US Open run was demanding and hard, but it was totally worth it as she finished off with the trophy. But it had a price, and she had to pay it in the days that followed the final. In a recent interview, Swiatek discussed it and went into detail about what had happened.



“The cramps were so unbearable, I could barely sleep,” said the 21-year-old. “During such an event, there is a lot of stress. It is not until the end that you start to realize how hard it was. When you no longer are obliged to perform, when the adrenaline fades away, and the excitement cools off – that’s when you feel it. The night after the final was very difficult.”



She gained a greater appreciation for her abilities as a result of the terrifying experience since she realized how some experience those things regularly. Being able to do what she does without having to fear that every time is blesssing.

“Suffering sleeplessly, I thought to myself, that there are athletes who experience such pain each time they perform, and I felt lucky that in tennis it rarely happens. I survived and it’s all good now…”

Her final event of the year will come at the WTA Finals in Forth Worth that begin in a few days.


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