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Good News: Paula Badosa named among 100 most influential women in Spain

Badosa’s big tennis break came the previous year when she enjoyed a significant increase in her ranking and finished her campaign by competing in the WTA Finals final. It was the best year of her career as she finished in the top 10 and she was unable to duplicate this year finishing outside of the top ten.



Nevertheless, Badosa made a lot of positive contributions to the tennis world as one of the top players who spoke out about mental health and how crucial it is to individual self-care. Many people admired her for being courageous and outspoken on a difficult subject and for being prepared to associate herself with terms like depression and anxiety.



In the first edition of the top 100 most influential women of Spain, Forbes named Badosa among them. The magazine explained the list with ‘In this first edition, the list includes profiles from different sectors, with the aim that this meticulous selection serves as a general photograph of the business, cultural, artistic or sports panorama, among other professional branches, linked to Spain’



“At the age of 16, she [Paula Badosa] was the captain of the Spanish Federation Cup team. In 2015, the athlete took the Roland Garros cup in the junior category, the year in which she debuted in the WTA as a professional. In 2021, Badosa became the first Spaniard to win an Indian Wells. This year she remains in the ranking of the best in the world, in September she achieved third place with 3,934 points.” was written in Badosa’s section.


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