$220 Million Worth Rafael Nadal Successfully Signs an Extremely Personal Investment That’s Due to Start Later This Year

Tennis legend Rafael Nadal joins the world’s first All-Electric Race Board Championship but not as a participant. The 22 times Grand Slam champion is definitely not leaving tennis so soon. He is also joining forces with the E1 series while taking up the role of a team owner.

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Not only the Spaniard but a lot of rising sports stars, who are popular in their arena, are getting into the Championship with their own teams, including Formula 1 Racer Sergio Perez. The former world number one is also a huge believer in E1’s mission to clean mobility. They also strive to restore the Marine ecosystem, which might be one of the reasons why he chose to get into this sport.

The 22 times Grand Slam champion joins the Championship with his own team, and the E1 shared the news on the official website. Also, what the Spaniard believes about the electric race boat championship. World number two will have his own team named ‘Team Spain’. And his new team will compete either against countries like Venice or Mexico when the Championship tournaments begin by the end of this year.

Tennis – Australian Open – Men’s Singles Final – Melbourne Park, Melbourne, Australia – January 31, 2022 Spain’s Rafael Nadal celebrates winning the final against Russia’s Daniil Medvedev REUTERS/Loren Elliott
As per E1, he said, “I’m really excited to be getting involved with a project like E1 that values sustainability and will make a positive impact on society as a whole, especially in coastal communities.”


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Further, the world’s number second player went on to talk about how being a professional athlete will help. And will guide over how marginal gains have an important impact. He added that he is looking forward to using his competitive spirit at E1 as well. “To see this same competitive spirit and approach being applied at E1 to optimize the performance and efficiency of sustainable marine mobility is good news for our oceans,” he said. However, earlier to this, Rafa also took a step forward to establish UAX Rafa Nadal Sports University, which is quite a huge dream for the Spaniard to achieve.

Nadal’s dream venture is also coming along
Notably, at an event last year, while he was in Madrid, the tennis player talked about his desire to develop a Sports University in collaboration with Alfonso X el Sabio University. He also discussed how Sabio University’s values and morals align with his own personal convictions.


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