‘They Crucified Me’: Tiger Woods Once Candidly Spoke About How the Golf Media Punished Him for His One Mistake

When you are a globally known sports celebrity, it is obvious to encounter media, and Tiger Woods was not untouched. It was media channels only where Woods received a huge fan following, and the news of his victories was flashing on tv screens.



However, it is only sometimes a path of roses with the media. It can be a blessing in disguise, but sometimes, it can be the reason for the fall.



The same was true when the media highlighted the golfer’s alleged scandal in 2009. Despite hard times, he rose like a champion. However, the highlight of the alleged scandal led to Woods’ separation from his former wife, Elin Nordegren.




There was another incident where the former number-one golfer did not have an excellent encounter with the media. He recalled the times during his interview with TIME by Lorne Rubenstein.

Tiger Woods narrates the story of bitter taste with media
In 2015, Woods was about to turn 40; therefore, he decided to do an interview and detail the ordeals of his personal and professional journey. He chose his restaurant in Jupiter, Fla, as the venue for a one-on-one interview.

He had an ice pack on his back after his injury and told Rubenstein about his experience with the media. The reporter asked the pro golfer about the media attention he gets and how his experience has been.


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