‘Should Have Asked Him for a Photo’: When LPGA Star Lydia Ko Had a ‘Fan-Girling Moment’ With the Country Super Star Keith Urban

The LPGA Tour currently possesses talented players from around the world. And one of the brightly shining names among these players is Lydia Ko. The New Zealand-based professional golfer has millions of fans of her own.


However, she couldn’t keep herself together after she met someone who she is a huge fan of. And it was none other than Australian-American singer Keith Urban.




Lydia Ko couldn’t hold her excitement in upon meeting Keith Urban
Ko is one of the fastest-emerging stars on the LPGA Tour and her golfing skills have garnered recognition. The professional golfer is currently in the third position according to the world golf rankings. Ko has played some really exciting tournaments that have led fans to jump off their seats at home.




However, the golfer was in a similar situation herself recently after she met one of her favorite musicians. Hard to believe for fans, but even a golf star like Lydia Ko can be a hardcore fan of someone she admires.

Ko recently split up with her coach and was in the news for the same reason. But she made it to the headlines again after she detailed her accidental encounter with Australian country music singer Keith Urban.

Excited to know about the singer’s interest in golf, Ko asked him if he played. “I play the guitar,” he replied. Further explaining through laughter, Ko added, “Only as he drove by I remembered that I maybe should have asked him for a photo…I was super excited and kind of had that fan-girling moment.”




Well, that’s how many fans react when they get an accidental chance of meeting Lydia Ko after a tournament. But being so excited after meeting another celebrity simply shows how humble Ko is as a person. After all, you don’t get an opportunity to meet your favorite artists in person every day.


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