‘Happened to them’: Djokovic father’s accusation against Federer and Nadal



Novak Djokovic’s father has continued his sledge on Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal after raising his son’s disqualification for the US Open.



Srdjan recently hit out at Federer and Nadal after he claimed the World No.1 Djokovic had surpassed them in the tennis world.

Djokovic was recently celebrating his 18th Grand Slam win at the Australian Open and surpassing Federer as the male with the most weeks as World No.1.




This prompted his father to claim his son can lose but only because: “He allowed his opponent to beat him.”

But Srdjan hasn’t stopped the brazen swipes at the tennis community after claiming Federer and Nadal are treated differently.




He claimed Novak is treated differently to his two greatest rivals, which was shown when he was disqualified from the US Open last year when he accidentally hit a lines person with a ball in a moment of frustration.

Srdjan accused Nadal and Federer of similar acts in the past, but have not been penalised.

“I do not support what happened,” he told B92 TV.

“It was an accident, a woman was hit.

“It happened to Federer, Nadal, and others, but no one was disqualified like Novak. Not only do they not have respect for the best in the world, but the opposite.”

Srdjan drags Federer and Nadal in DQ argument
Federer and Nadal have never been disqualified for such an incident.

Srdjan may have been referring to the occasion when Federer accidentally hit a young ball kid during a match at the Australian Open several years ago.

Federer didn’t hit the ball in frustration, but swung his racquet behind his back and accidentally clobbered the ball kid.


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