‘Attacked him’: Djokovic father’s shock allegation against Roger Federer



Novak Djokovic’s father has continued his extraordinary verbal attack on Roger Federer after he alleged the 20-time Grand Slam champ ‘attacked’ his son.

Srdjan recently hit out at Federer and Nadal after he claimed the World No.1 Djokovic had surpassed them in the tennis world.



He then continued his sledge on Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal after raising his son’s disqualification for the US Open.

The debate over the greatest of all time in the men’s tennis world has been topical of late after Djokovic edged closer to Federer’s Grand Slam total of 20, after winning his 18th at the Australian Open.



He also recently took over his record as the male with most weeks as World No.1.

Now, the World No.1’s father has become involved again after a sensational allegation against Federer when the pair were younger.




He even went as far to claim Federer was “not such a good man”.

“About 15 years ago Federer attacked my son when he was still young, he was 18 or 19 years old,” Srdjan told TV channel K1.

“I knew someone would be there who would be better than him.




“So I said that [Federer] was a great champion, the best at the time.

“But as much as he is a great champion, Federer is not such a good man.”

Djokovic father lashes media for Djokovic treatment
Srdjan followed his previous comments and again lashed the media for the way he perceives the world’s outlets treat him.




He went on to claim the world will never see a player like him.

“It is obvious that foreign media outlets do not have the best opinion of us and think that we are constantly bothering them.




“To tell you the truth, I do not want to be part of your twisted world.

“I’m sorry you don’t like Novak. I just tell you the truth. What should I do?

“They defame him so much and say so many disgusting things about him that it is unbelievable.”


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