‘Out Drove Rickie’: Son Charlie Steals Fans’ Attention Away From Tiger Woods With Pinehurst Antics

The grandness vested in the simplicity of the U.S. Open is evident in the desire among fans to register their names on the beautiful silver texture of the historically enriched trophy’s surface. For big names and budding golfers alike, the event’s legacy has prompted attention from all sections of golfers since it began. A recent preparatory sighting at Pinehurst featuring Tiger Woods along with Justin Thomas, Rickie Fowler, and Jordan Spieth is an anecdote voicing a similar thirst for the win at Pinehurst this year.




Interestingly enough, the center of attention in this prep run was not Tiger Woods but another member of his family. Yes, we are talking about Charlie Woods. Junior Woods’s unexpected sighting at Pinehurst seems to have caught the attention of the golf world. Continuing his streak of helping father Tiger Woods during practice rounds in the two preceding major championships, Woods’s young cub walked alongside him on Monday at Pinehurst.




At Augusta as well, Charlie Woods was seen helping his dad with his swing before the tournament’s final round. Woods’s third round at the Masters was the worst round he ever played in his major career. He shot 10 over 82 in the third round, and hence, his son stepped up to help him! TW is teeing up at the US Open this year, all thanks to a special exemption he received from the USGA.




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His poise and footing alongside his father and other famous names have got the golf world wondering whether it is possible he can outshine this group of talented golfers in the days to come and emerge stronger than his 15-time major winner father.

Tones of wonderment were evident in the way the golf world reacted to this surprise of Charlie Woods’s appearance. While some fans were quick to declare him more worthy than his father’s group, others made sure to acknowledge and appreciate his support for his father. But what did fans exactly have to say?




Fans react to Charlie Woods’s unexpected appearance at Pinehurst

A fan wrote, “Vibes here say Charlie beat or out-drove Rickie.” This highlights a key aspect of the roaring view in the golf world upon the admission of this news: the mistrust in Rickie Fowler and the optimism when addressing Junior Woods. This traces back to Fowler’s performance in the preceding two majors. Fowler finished decently at the Masters at T30 with a score of 5-over-par, and T63 at the PGA Championship with a score of 3-under-par. Therefore, his consistent performances away from the top few have left the golf world wondering if Junior Woods was empowering him in the viral pictures.




There seemed to be a consensus among fans about Charlie Woods’s capabilities. A netizen remarked, “Charlie has a better chance at winning than Rickie or his pops,” thus bringing Tiger Woods to a similar crossroads as Fowler owing to the series of under-performed majors. Tracing a similar sentiment, another fan wrote, “Charlie has the best chance to win amongst this group.” Even TW has not been performing well at majors this season. He finished dead last in the Masters and failed to make the cut at Valhalla’s PGA Championship. JT missed the cut at Augusta and finished at brilliant T8 at the PGA Championship.


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