‘Life Is a Battle’: Paige Spiranac, Moved by Lexi Thompson’s Breakdown Reveals Exhausting World’s Only Savior

“I think we deserve a lot more credit than we get,” expressed a teary-eyed Lexi Thompson as she talked about the various hardships in the game of golf. She also outlined the loneliness that comes as part and parcel of the sport before revealing her retirement plans. Her divulgence led to much support and love pouring in from all over the community, including the likes of Paige Spiranac.

The golfing diva shared a tweet on her X handle just hours ago in a bid to highlight the importance of being kind to others. She did so as she uploaded a video of the golfer’s interview as part of one of her recent posts while underlining what can really make a difference in other people’s lives.

Paige Spiranac gives her nod of approval to Lexi Thompson

The 31-year-old mentioned the importance of being kind while alluding to recent events in the golfing world. “I think if we’ve learned anything the last couple of days it’s that kindness goes a long way. Whether in person or on social media.”The sudden demise of Grayson Murray sent shockwaves through the entire community. The PGA Tour Pro had, unfortunately, taken his own life despite being on the road to recovery.

Spiranac also pointed out how everyone has problems to face in their life. “Life is a battle we are all facing with unique challenges,” said the model before adding, “Your kindness to someone else can really make the difference. Words matter.” The blonde beauty was subjected to much scrutiny back when she was a professional playing on the Cactus Tour. Following this, she was eventually forced to leave her pro career as a golfer behind and become a social media influencer, which she later excelled in.


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