Ricciardo Sets the Record Straight: No Bizarre Dubai Mansion (But Still Has Millions in Property!)

Formula 1’s resident jokester, Daniel Ricciardo, has always been known for his outgoing personality and sense of humor. So, when pictures surfaced online of a Dubai house with a rather… unique decoration – a metal statue of Ricciardo himself celebrating his 2018 Monaco win – many fans thought it fit perfectly.

However, it seems Ricciardo himself isn’t quite that vain. The “Honey Badger” recently clarified that the house in question wasn’t even his! Despite the initial reports, Ricciardo has no Dubai property on his impressive real estate portfolio.

Global Homes for a Global Star
While Ricciardo may not have a house specifically dedicated to his racing glory, his property portfolio is nothing to scoff at. Here’s a peek at his known jet-setting abodes:

Australian Comfort: Ricciardo reportedly owns a farm near his hometown of Perth. This Aussie haven likely offers a taste of home with wide-open spaces, and rumors suggest it even has an underground garage (perfect for a car enthusiast) and an Olympic-sized swimming pool for some relaxation.
Monaco Pad: As with many F1 drivers, Ricciardo has an apartment in Monaco. This strategically placed residence keeps him close to the action of many races and offers some sweet tax benefits!
L.A. Luxury: Ricciardo reportedly owns a luxurious mansion in Los Angeles, estimated to be worth around $18.6 million. This Californian dream home likely boasts all the bells and whistles, including features like floor-to-ceiling windows and an inviting outdoor pool.
Ricciardo: More Than Just a Statue
So, while Ricciardo might not have gone full-on self-celebration with a Dubai mansion, his diverse property portfolio reflects his international lifestyle and success on the racetrack. Maybe in the future, though, a Ricciardo-themed room isn’t entirely out of the question – after all, who wouldn’t want to celebrate a champion like the Honey Badger?


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