Alex Eala bares advice she received from Rafael Nadal

Filipina tennis player Alex Eala has rubbed shoulders with the sport’s best of the best in her young career, but none more so than 22-time Grand Slam winner Rafael Nadal.

A scholar in the Spanish star’s Rafa Nadal Academy, Eala has had many chances to talk with the Nadal about her play. She has also been repeatedly congratulated by the former World No. 1 for her own feats in her career.

Eala had much to share when it came to Nadal’s most memorable pieces of advice. At her young career, she was able to get a taste of what Nadal has been doing to achieve what he has.

“Well, he said multiple times to surround yourself with good people, and being on the tour and traveling so much since I was at such a young age, I believe that that’s really an important guideline, I would say. To be surrounded by good people and to learn good habits,” said Eala, who is set to graduate from high school later this year.

The 17-year-old also said that Nadal doesn’t even have to use his words, as his actions are already enough both on and off the courts.

“He doesn’t need to directly talk to you to give you advice. It’s just so many times, there’s so many things that you can learn just by observing,” said Eala.

“Just by observing how he is on and off the court, how he’s humble, his work ethic and his attention to detail.”

Eala, the 2022 US Open Girls’ Singles champion, most recently competed in WTA 250 tournament Thailand Open where she reached the main draw through qualifiers.

Still at the infancy of her pro career, Eala is looking to follow in Nadal’s footsteps and become the top player in the world eventually.

“For [my] long term goals, to win a grand slam, join the Olympics, maybe medal, or you know, be World No. 1. Just a couple. There’s a lot of things that I want to do, hopefully,” she said.


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