Simon Cowell pictured amid ongoing health issues – fans react

This year has been difficult for Simon Cowell – not only did he test positive for Covid, but he also broke his wrist by falling off his e-bike in February.

On Sunday, Simon’s America’s Got Talent co-star Sofia Vergara shared the extent of the music mogul’s injuries with two photos of the 62-year-old. In the snaps, Simon appears alongside Sofia, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel. He’s wearing his trademark black jeans, top and sunglasses, accessorised with a black wrist cast.

Despite still suffering with his wrist, Simon appears in good spirits, pulling a thumbs up pose to the camera, before sitting back into the plush sofa beside his colleagues and smiling contentedly at Heidi Klum.

Fans were quick to express their concern for Simon, with one writing: “What did poor Simon break this time?” while another commented: “Every time I see Simon he has a new cast/injury. Buddy needs to relax.”

Sofia isn’t the only one of Simon’s co-stars to give updates on his injuries. Amanda Holden, who Simon sits alongside on the Britain’s Got Talent panel, also posted a photo of the star in a cast in late February, celebrating her birthday.

In the rare photo of Simon, 62, he had a noticeably bigger cast on than he had on Sofia’s photo, with the bandage reaching up to his elbow – so fingers crossed his wrist is on the mend now that he’s wearing a smaller support.


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