Solheim Cup Captain Slams “Massive Missed Opportunity” as Nelly Korda and Co Lurk in the Shadows of Fellow American Patriots

With hours left to go for the Solheim Cup, the US team’s captain, Stacy Lewis, attended a press conference. Amid the many questions she answered, however, one stood out that was about how the Solheim Cup and the Ryder Cup are happening quite close to each other, both in terms of time and place.

The hype for the Ryder Cup has been so intense that it has undoubtedly slightly overshadowed the Solheim Cup. With star talents like Nelly Korda and Rose Zhang enjoying an ardent fan following, surely women’s golf deserves more space. And when the skipper was questioned in line with that, the excitement on the captain’s face was quite evident. She got candid about all she had to say on the topic, but surprisingly, her idea was not just to “further women’s golf“!

The interview’s question focused on how the two events were happening as two very distinct sporting events with no connection. Lewis was asked if this was a missed opportunity for the golf community since both the ideas and proximity of the events were far too similar!

The captain eagerly said, “1000 percent yes.” She explained her idea of how the events could have been marketed together as a package. “I thought this could have been marketed together as two weeks in Europe, two Cups for play.”


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