Jordan Spieth reportedly will be replaced by silhouette on Coca-Cola’s Olympic packaging

Jordan Spieth’s decision not to participate in the Olympics has resulted in Coca-Cola not using him, at least by name, on its Olympic packaging, Sports Business Daily has reported.

“Golfer Jordan Spieth will not be identified by name on Coke Olympic packaging following his announcement Monday he will not play in Rio,” Ben Fischer of Sports Business Daily wrote. “A silhouette of a golfer will still appear on the low-calorie Coca-Cola Life product, but will not name Spieth.”

“Coke was able to stop packaging featuring Mr. Spieth so it will not appear in market, [a company] spokeswoman said,” E.J. Schultz of Advertising Age wrote. “But the company does not plan to pull material already produced, including point-of-sale signage, so there is a chance that consumers might encounter Olympic materials showing Mr. Spieth. The golfer remains a significant part of Coke’s broader marketing plans. He is featured in a TV ad that recently began airing.”


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