Rafa Nadal gives the latest on wife’s health

Rafa Nadal isn’t having the easiest of times on a personal level, although at the US Open he continues to blitz through the rounds without appearing overburdened.

The tennis player has his mind elsewhere: specifically on his wife Mery Perello, 34, who is almost seven months pregnant and has been hospitalised with an undetermined complaint.

The tennis player has been growing a little tired of the contradictory information and the press not respecting their privacy. For that reason, finally he has been forced to make some statements.

“As much as there have been all kinds of claims in the press in relation to my wife’s health, my wife is fine, I’ll just leave that there,” said Nadal

The results keep coming for Nadal
Nadal is to be admired, a few months ago he won a quarter-final match injured, with an 8cm muscular tear in his abdomen, but even so he eliminated Fritz.

This time it has been more of a mental obstacle, rather than a physical one, due to his wife’s condition and that of his future baby.

This morning (Spanish time) the Mallorcan tennis player suffered from anxiety while playing his match against Fognini.

This was due to the worries he had in his head regarding the state of his wife’s health, who fortunately seems to be recovering at home.

A professional tennis player often deals with sports psychologists, at least during the course of major tournaments such as this one in New York.

If you add to that a force majeure such as your wife’s pregnancy, it can cause problems that would affect anyone.

That’s why Rafa yesterday showed signs that he was suffering during a match that, from the second set onwards, was not very difficult for him to win.


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