Hours After Suffering a Major Setback At $9 Million Event, Lydia Ko Makes a ‘Frustrating’ Confession

Lydia Ko is among the best and most impressive players in female golf in the last decade. Her game was so top-notch that in 2014 she was on the list of 100 most influential people in Time Magazine. A very big achievement in itself.

But as of late her performance has suffered. The fans are aware of it and so is she. And after her recent exit from the AIG Women’s Open, Ko has penned a heartfelt note and is telling the world about how these recent letdowns are making her feel. Let’s dive in to find out what Ko has said.

The 2023 season hasn’t been that great for Ko who has been seen struggling on the course. Her recent penalty stroke at the Dana Open also added insult to injury. This is why she needed a good performance at the AIG Women’s Open to get a break from the slump if not a comeback.

But unfortunately, it didn’t happen. The British Open was a tough nut from day one only. Even the most renowned and world-class players found Walton Heath tough to tackle. And in the second round, Lydia Ko came among those who missed the cut.

And hours after her exit Ko has made a honest confession about her recent fall down and how it has been frustrating for her. She has written, “My game hasn’t been where I want it to be and no lie, it’s been frustrating. But honestly feel like I’m progressing and moving in the right direction. Going to stay patient and keep working at it! Thank you Europe, next up Canada!”


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