Nelly Korda’s best bikini moments || 10 most dazzling pictures

Professional golfer Nelly Korda is taking our breath away with her recent photos from the Bahamas. The 23-year-old, who is originally from Bradenton, Florida, is currently on vacation in the Caribbean and has been sharing some stunning photos of her trip on social media.


In one photo, Korda is seen posing in a swimsuit on a white sand beach. The photo shows off her toned figure and long, blonde hair, and the crystal-clear water in the background is simply breathtaking. In another photo, Korda is seen swimming with dolphins. The photo is full of life and energy, and Korda looks happy and carefree.


Korda has also shared photos of herself snorkeling, exploring the island, and enjoying the local cuisine. In one photo, she is seen eating a plate of fresh fruit. The photo makes us hungry just looking at it!



Korda’s photos from the Bahamas are a reminder of just how beautiful the world can be. We can’t wait to see more of her travels in the future!

Korda recently recovered from a blood clot surgery and is back on the range. She is expected to return to competitive golf soon.


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