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Weeks After Reclaiming Her Throne, Nelly Korda Makes a Painful ‘Tough’ Confession About a Major Problem in Golf

Nelly Korda, the current world No. 1 golfer, has made a “tough” confession about a major problem in golf: slow play.

In an interview ahead of the AIG Women’s Open, Korda said that she supports stricter enforcement of slow-play penalties in major tournaments. She said that slow play is a “problem” that needs to be addressed, and that it can be a “painful” experience for both players and spectators.

“If I was a spectator and I was out here for 5 1/2 hours to 6 hours, you know, it’s tough to watch,” Korda said. “You want to watch a sport that’s continuously moving and not continuously stalling.”

Korda’s comments come after Carlota Ciganda was disqualified from the Evian Championship last month for slow play. Ciganda was the first player to be disqualified from a major for slow play in over a decade.

Korda said that she believes Ciganda’s disqualification was a “fair” decision, and that it sends a message that slow play will not be tolerated in major tournaments.

“I think it’s important to enforce the rules,” Korda said. “I think it’s important to keep the pace of play moving.”

Korda’s comments are a sign that slow play is a growing problem in golf. In recent years, there have been a number of high-profile incidents of slow play, including Ciganda’s disqualification.

The LPGA Tour has taken steps to address slow play, including implementing a new rule that allows players to be penalized for slow play after two warnings. However, it remains to be seen whether these measures will be enough to solve the problem.

Korda’s comments are a reminder that slow play is a major problem in golf, and that it needs to be addressed. If the LPGA Tour and other golf organizations want to keep fans engaged, they need to find a way to make the game more efficient.


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