Phil Mickelson doesn’t forget Seve Ballesteros

he presence of American flags at Valderrama is synonymous with a big fair. More so if those who wear it are Majors winners like Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka and Phil Mickelson, the golfers who have supported a good part of their country’s golf during the era and the post era of Tiger Woods’ dominance.Now captains of the 4Aces, Smash GC and HyFlyers GC, respectively, appeared by the press tent between the 10th hole and the driving range.

Except for the veteran, it was the first time they stepped on what the moderator called “the European Augusta” and the praise was stepped on.

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“I played nine holes on Tuesday and I realized that it is very difficult to face it as soon as you are not on the fairway and I think that is a sign that distinguishes good courses,” said Koepka, while DJ, who in installments, between Monday and Tuesday, he has already played it, he described it as “incredible”, while highlighting the small size of the greens and the need to go straight on the tee shots.Mickelson, 53, the veteran, brought back memories of him with Seve, from when he met him as a young man playing in San Diego in his first professional tournament when he was 17 years old.

“I got along very well with him and I have great memories, even though we lost the ’97 Ryder here. But I remember how well he led his team. It’s impossible to be here without remembering Seve.” And he explains that in that match, the ill-fated genius taught him to shoot at the places where, supposedly, the flags were going to be in competition later, not the one that was in the center of the green that Tuesday, because that was worthless for two days.

after.Koepka also recalled his trip to the Challenge Tour, where he started his career with two wins in Catalonia. “Basically, playing in Europe later helped propel my career on the PGA Tour. And that victory meant a lot.”The current PGA champion also spoke of his wishes to compete starting Friday at Valderrama, the eighth stop of the LIV Golf.

“It’s a course with a lot of history and everyone knows how special it is and the winners it’s had. I’m looking forward to playing it.””And me,” Johnson added. “With all the people I have spoken to before coming, they have told me great things.”Announced the agreement between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf, the question about a possible return to the original circuit of Koepka and Johnson especially, was on the table.

There was no forceful response, just a plea to the circuit that they now defend. “Everyone is delighted with the LIV. We are happy where we are,” they said in chorus, while DJ clarified that he was not going “to play more tournaments than I already play.”Finally, on the miracle of Spanish golf and the number of players that this country has brought out, Mickelson praised the factory.

“It’s amazing how golf has settled into the culture of the country and how it has grown thanks to Seve, Sergio and now Jon (Rahm). From the airport to here you can see beautiful courses and last night I met two children who are in the program junior.

I think the successes of all these golfers and the support they give to golf by coming to play the open in their country is part of their success”.


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