‘I Just Don’t Have the Confidence’: 14 Days Later, Jordan Spieth Lifts the Lid on His Injury

Jordan Spieth hasn’t had a memorable PGA Championship so far. The 29-year-old is languishing at the bottom half of the table after the end of his third round, with hopes of a fourth major championship long erased.

However, Spieth’s performance has been harshly impacted by a nagging wrist injury. While he has been quiet about his persistent issue, Saturday’s five-over-par forced him to make a clear statement regarding his troubles.

Eleven years after turning pro in his sophomore year, Spieth has enjoyed a successful golf career. He has won three of the four majors the sport has to offer, with the only remaining title being the PGA Championship.

Yet it looks to have evaded him this year too. It all started on a bad note for Spieth, who came into this year’s PGA Championship with a confirmed wrist injury. Indeed, his performances have taken a dip over the week, with a score of six-over-par not doing him any favors.

But Spieth has finally decided to come clean on his injury, revealing the details of his concerns and his way around them. “I’m doing, obviously, a lot of recovery that I’ve been doing every day for the last, well, I guess eight days now since I injured it – no, sorry, 14 days now,” he claimed.


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