‘Bad News for Our Champion’: Moving Day at the PGA Championship Evokes Justin Thomas’ ‘Silly’ Style, Leaving Golf World Displeased

The dream for a trio of PGA Championship titles might already be over for Justin Thomas. The two-time competition winner has carded a five-over par in his third round, which leaves him far off the leading men.

However, the popularity of JT made headway despite his low ranking. But it wasn’t for its work with the golf club, but rather with his apparel, that annoyed the supporters.

Justin Thomas’ cap makes all the wrong noise at the PGA Championship

Being a two-time victor at the major championship, great things were expected of the 30-year-old. However, Thomas struggled in dire conditions as he never managed to get going.

So far, JT has failed to score under par at the PGA Championship, with round scores of 72, 73, and 75. While he managed to jump across the line to make the cut, another major championship seems to have swept away from Thomas.

Yet, many questioned his attitude towards the prestigious event during his time at the Oak Hills course. While there was nothing extraordinary about his dress, Thomas wore his cap backward, which sent the wrong signal to the millions of fans watching the game.


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