Serena Williams TWERKS and shows off her famous curves in sexy tell-all video

TENNIS champion Serena Williams proved that she doesn’t just have the moves on the court after she twerked and body-rolled in a sexy video today.

The 34-year-old opened up about her life as she answered 73 random questions for Vogue, which included the worst chat-up line she has ever received and her craziest fan moment.

When asked what her signature victory move would be, the stunning athlete began twerking and performing her raciest body-pops

Wearing a skintight maroon dress, which clung to her toned muscles and famous curves, Serena was sure to get some viewers hot under the collar.

She let her dark locks fall in tousled waves, and she carried a tennis racket in one hand as her staple accessory.

The sporting icon’s interview was a way of promoting her new clothing line in the September collections, as she confessed that she would have been a fashion designer in another life.


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